Our Work

Our portfolio is under re-development currently.

Here is a short list of our work:
  • Legacy Homes – A custom home builder.  We create organic SEO, blogs, email marketing campaigns, maintain IDX, maintain CRM, and much more for this client.
  • Location Lincoln – A traditional real estate business.  We maintain their site, build campaigns for them, integrate CRM and other tools, and much more.
  • Foundry by the Park – A property management company.  We maintain several website for them, run ad campaigns, and much more.
  • Microsoft Learning platform – Microsoft LMS – Our team spent several years on an internal team designing a variety of learning platform sites.  For just about every department inside Microsoft (from Consumer, Commercial, Windows, Devices, Partners, etc.), we led teams on designing and spinning up their online learning environments.
  • Soda Jerks Burgers – A recent site built in Webflow, and then converted to WordPress.
  • Clubhouse Mini Golf – A recent site built in Webflow, and then converted to WordPress.
  • Wolfpack AI – A recent, more advanced site built in Webflow.
  • Picor NMS – A news management platform.
  • REI.com – We worked on architecture and integrating their SAP systems, and provided technical documentation to their support teams.
  • AT&T – We launched the iPhone Accessories and other accessory products sections for AT&T’s att.com/shop site for their most recent 2019 iPhone products launch.  Worked directly with Apple as well.
  • Stelmakh Law – A law firm – Condensed and reorganized their menu, updated the site style, theme, implemented calls to action in top menu with phone #, modified their search functions, redesigned their footer, made their site more personal, added hours of operation, changed their breadcrumb structure, and more
  • Bakare – Fine shirts made to order.  Our latest Webflow project.
  • Magic Masseuse – A massage product site – Provided hosting, Drupal CMS install, installed the theme they wanted for the look that matched their product box, set up Newsletter, bulk email system. And, we received a few free devices from them! 🙂
  • Meteorcomm – For MCC, we did not work on their website front-end, but built new CI/CD and build/release systems for their development and operations teams, and stood up a new learning platform for training staff on what we’d set up and how the new Git environment and newly integrated software suites worked.
  • Careers.microsoft.com – For the Microsoft Careers team we did not work on web front-end, but integrated a parsing tool that connected to a new recruiting system, which HR used.
  • My Seattle Photographer – Helped him with Bio, SmugMug integration, helped him with finding domain names: bradjohnsen.com, myseattlephotographer.com, SEO, ads, and more.
  • Better Noah Lawyer – On-page SEO, Google Ads, Canonical Links updates, Calls to action (CTA), Blog URLs, Big phone #, CAlls to Action (CTA), Avvo button.
  • 24/7 Plumbworx – We developed a one-page site for them.  The “one page” concept ensures that the visitor of a site can do little but to look for a place to go.  When all they see is the business phone number repeated many time and one contact form only, a user is more likely to just pick up the phone or submit an inquiry.
  • Skopos Bronze Works – We developed a highly customized site for Skopos to meet their exact needs.