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In today’s competitive and convenience seeking society, customers always choose the most effortless and hassle-free mode of shopping – that’s online shopping.

E-Commerce platforms offer you a huge platform to unveil your product and services to worldwide customers 24 hours, just a click away.  Seattle New Media provides you inimitable eCommerce solutions tailored to your requirements reflecting your brand and ultimately let you meet your goals.

WordPress + Woocommerce


Some of our services include


  • Plug-in and module development
  • Shopping carts with search and filtering
  • Payment gateway (processing of credit cards)
  • Inquiries, exchanges and returns
  • CMS solutions

Let us create your best business tool.

Why e-commerce?

We’re guessing that you know why, and that is why you are here.

Increased mobile usages paired with new advertising technologies bring new challenges to e commerce.  You have to keep up with the forever changing trends of ecommerce in order to survive in this competing atmosphere.  Compared to a traditional brick and mortar store, e-commerce is the best method to increase your reach, broaden your brand, explore better marketing opportunities and interact with your customers in more convenient and affordable way.

At Seattle New Media we specialize in implementing WordPress along with Woocommerce.  But we can use any technology that you would like also.

Why Seattle New Media for your ecommerce implementation?

Being one of the most reputable e-commerce website development companies in Seattle, we provide successfully accomplished B2B and B2C projects driving huge traffic to our clients.

Having extensive knowledge in this rapidly growing, fast moving industry, our talented and innovative team of experts delivers efficacious e-commerce website design & development on various platforms including WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, and more.

Since every business has different requirements, it is not plausible to deploy a single platform for all sites.  That’s why we develop user-centric ecommerce websites and applications using these feature-rich and robust platforms.

Did we mention that we’ve got a few certifications? …

WooCommerce Certified Experts

WooCommerce Certified Experts

Seattle New Media is a WooCommerce Certified Expert.

If you’re looking for talented WooCommerce developers who specialize in WordPress, Website Design & Development for eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and more …you’re in the right spot.  We cover every angle of store management and help store owners with all sorts of tasks, so they can focus on what they do best.

Magento Certified Developer

Seattle New Media is an Adobe Magento Certified Developer.

Looking for some of the absolute best Magento developers?  Ones who specialize in Website Design and back-end Web development for eCommerce, and more …WE’RE IT! And, we are here to help with your online store management with whatever tasks you can throw at us.

We like a good challenge.  Contact us today.

Magento Certified Developer

Our Work Process

Understanding you

Preparing strategy

Developing product

Timely delivery

We conduct an initial meeting with you (and others) to UNDERSTAND YOU, your industry, target customers, expected traffic, desired outcomes etc.  According to your unique requirements, we prepare a SOLID STRATEGY involving mock-ups, prototypes, and other design work to provide you advanced ecommerce solutions enhancing effective communication and ensuring security.  Using as many seamless working environments as needed (stage, test, dev, production) we CUSTOM DEVELOP your website, app, or other product before going live.  While our quality assurance analysts thoroughly check test your deliverables.  We believe in ensure TIMELY DELIVERY with great consistency and quality.  We not only build the website/app of your dreams, but also grow traffic, increase conversions and improve their functionality to generate the result you craved.

We create technically brilliant and catchy websites and applications, which provide integrated features, plug-in and module development, shopping cart, payment gateway, processing of credit cards, inquiries, exchanges and returns, CMS solutions etc.

We help our clients succeed by providing websites that are:

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  E-commerce websites take a special skill set to properly develop.  And there are added costs that go beyond “regular” website development.  You need to hire the right folks for this kind of job.

Yes, you can. We will give you a number of options to choose from in particular CMS you need. If you want to purchase another theme apart from those, we can work that out too. There will be and extra fee for the purchase.

According to the complexity of your requirement, we will suggest different CMS. Budget will vary accordingly.

For payment gateways such as Paypal or Stripe which are pretty common, we will do the paper works. If you want to integrate any other particular payment gateways, we can do the paper works by accepting a small additional fee

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Other Services

Website Design Services


Mobile App Development




Website Maintenance


Website Redesign


Branding and Logo Design


Social Media Marketing


Banner Ads Design


Copy Writing Services


Video Production


Create A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Are you new to conducting business? Is your firm a fresh startup? Or are you an already established business that is seeking to improve its number of consumers? Whichever the case may be, you are in dire need of greater visibility and market reach. Only by employing marketing strategies (and advertising is one among them) can one increase the awareness of their brand, products, and services among the general populace. This means that

Tips To Enhance Website Security

Website security is essential both in the short and long term. Inadequate security can compromise your investment, banking details, reputation, functioning, and website content.

Several factors influence the security system of your website. The penalties to be paid in response to data breach and software malfunctioning is enormous. Many small-scale businesses invest in upgrading security plans for their website in one way or the other to mitigate this risk.

Here are some ways

Tips To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Website

The speed of your e-commerce site will determine the number of people coming to your site. The faster the site loads, the higher the site’s revenue, because it gets linked to a better shopping experience. Not only should the site load faster, but the images and videos have to be of high quality for them to be interested in watching either the images, live chat, or real-time inventory they want to shop.

WooComerce happens

Our capabilities

Transforming your business for best results