Support & Customer Service

[evc_section_title title=”Support Channels” text=”The following is for support of our clients and our customer service contact information.”]

Here at Seattle New Media we like to make sure that all of  our clients have multiple contact methods, whether it is on our site, direct communication channels, such as email addresses, phone numbers, chat channels (such as Slack, Discord, Viber, Line, etc. …we love these all).

We believe heavily in the idea that low-friction communication is key to providing a good customer experience and heading off misunderstandings early on, helping to avoid disputes.

What we provide to ALL clients of ours:

  1. Direct phone lines to 1 or more Client Success Managers (aka Project Manager Leads).  We provide the cell phone number for these people leading the projects.  These direct phone lines can be used for phone calls, Zoom calls, texts or more.
  2. Chat (or other text) channels are always offered to be set up for clients.  We love Slack, Viber, Discord and other methods of of chatting, passing messages, documents, information back and forth between us and clients.
  3. We have a physical office location.  Many of our clients are local.  But also many are not.  But we do have an office located in the Ballard district of Seattle Washington USA.
  4. Our contact form on our contact page is also a resource.

Customer support is our #1 concern.  We love our clients.