Ways To Enhance Your Pinterest SEO

If you would like to increase your reach and drive more sales, then a strong Pinterest SEO is one of the best strategies. Pinterest SEO is arguably more important than on any other social media platform; because Pinterest is one of the best and powerful visual discovery engines. In Pinterest, the content lives on and resurfaces over and over again—for months, not minutes. Here we will see how you can use SEO to grow your brand’s presence on Pinterest.


  • Setting up your profile

One of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your Pinterest SEO is to add keywords to your display name; you have to use words that will accurately reflect your brand, and at the same time it should help you get discovered in relevant search queries. Your Pinterest username will serve as your profile’s URL; so make sure that you pick the username that is concise, direct, and memorable. It will be smart to use the same username across all of your social channels and website. Get in touch with a Seattle SEO expert to increase your brand value.


  • Craft the perfect bio

Your bio should be as straightforward or creative as you’d like; if you are not sure where to start, you can draft a bio that explains who you are and what you can offer/do. Once you are done with the first draft, please go through it and highlight the relevant words that someone might search on Pinterest to find your profile. You can use this strategy when you do not have any idea about what to upload on bio.


  • Claim your website

You must claim your website on Pinterest and here is the reason for it; when you are claiming your website, you will be able to feature your website URL on your profile- it means a lot. When you can feature your website URL on your profile, it will serve as a keyword of sorts, which will allow you to be more discoverable to Pinners. Apart from this, you will appear more official, and also it will help you drive more traffic to your site. Partner with an SEO agency and boost domain authority.


  • Follow others

Since Pinterest is more of a discovery platform than a social platform, who you follow on Pinterest is still essential; your following list is one of the strong indicators to Pinterest. It helps determine where you will appear in user’s suggested boards and profile to follow. Following the right people will help you land in front of the right eyes; so choose wisely, whom you are going to follow.


  • Publish video pins

Pinterest users love video; views of organic video pins grow 240% year on year – especially driven by beauty, DIY, home decor, and food & beverages categories. Video pins will let you share a lot of information about your brand story; simply a video pin can do a lot more than an image. Video pins are also amazing for Pinterest SEO strategy; in the Pinterest mobile app search results, video pins will be listed at the top. For instance, if you enter a popular search query on your mobile, like “healthy summer recipes”, you will see many video pins rather than images.


  • Original content

One of the best ways to optimize your Pinterest search engine is, creating a thumb-stopping, content that users want to view, save, and engage with. So, if you want to capture Pinterest users’ attention, you must create ideas that are not just relevant and useful, but also visually attention-grabbing. If you are creating original and timely content with a visible value for your audience, then you can easily enhance your Pinterest SEO.


  • Write strategic pin titles and descriptions

You can include SEO keywords in multiple places, and one of the most important places is your pin title. The keywords that you are entering should cover as many relevant bases as possible. Pin titles can be up to 100 characters; so make sure you are keeping your title simple, relevant, and compelling. Pin description can help a lot more than you think; it will inform relevancy and determine where your content appears. Ensure that you include essential hashtags, keywords, and brand names that will give a sense to your pin.


  • Be consistent

In Pinterest, consistency is the key to success; the more you follow SEO best practices, the more the Pinterest algorithm will learn what your account is all about. It means your profile and content will be served to relevant users as they browse on Pinterest. Do not forget to follow all the best SEO practices that we have seen so far; moreover, be consistent on Pinterest. If you upload a pin rarely, your followers and Pinterest users may not address your pin. But if you are continually uploading pins with best SEO practices, you can drive more traffic to your ID.