Tips to Boost Website Engagement with Animation

Tips to boost website engagement with animation

Today, technology has advanced in a way that websites across the globe are available at the touch of a button. The varying range of devices, including smartphones, social media platforms, and online gaming sites make it easier to find any information they need at the tip of their fingers.

Studies reveal that the volume of information that is available online is so vast that the attention span of the human mind is declining. The average human attention span is as low as 3 seconds. Whenever a user leaves a site for lack of information or due to disinterest, a brand is losing a possible lead.

So, what can be done to engage users?

If you want to add a little more life to your website, think of using animation next time. A great animation will help capture the audience’s attention, making the site more engaging and enhancing conversions.

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Let us find out what can be done to boost website engagement with animation:

  1. Microinteraction animation

    Microinteractions are simple animations that exhibit specific use cases. Whenever you interact with a specific element, this animation provides visual feedback and information. When using Microinteractions, make sure that these subtle in every possible way. Though all other elements would stand out, mircointeractions are capable of catching the user’s eye and play an important role in persuading them through the next stage in their buyer’s journey.

    You can choose animated mircointeractions that are either as basic as possible or complex ones. These mircointeractions can be used to:

    • Exhibit critical information, including price listing
    • Inform users that their actions were successful
    • Highlight whether a feature is on or off
    • Animate icons that persuade users to act

    Themes and plugins are available that come with in-built options.

  2. Make the animations eye-catchy

    Users are easily distracted by anything shiny, including GIFs and short videos. Using these kinds of animations, you can grab the user’s attention. However, make sure the GIF or short video is interesting enough to hold the user’s attention for long. The bright colors, constant movements, and even simple lines used in animations are capable of keeping the users glued to their screens. It is normal for people to feel excited when they see such colorful and interesting animated videos.

  3. Use loading animations

    One of the best practices when using animations on a website is captivating user attention as your page loads. What you can do is either use the animation to offer a unique brand experience or you can highlight your band’s interesting nature.

    Using concepts, such as particle animations, you can grab user attention, while also helping the user to relax when they are visiting your website. Both interactive and non-interactive particle animations are available to make sure that your visitors are happy to wait while the page loads, even if it takes longer to load.

  4. Hide messages within animations

    Use animations to reveal hidden messages to grab user attention. When using a navigation menu, it might consume a lot of the valuable space on your website; however, a hidden menu that appears as a user scrolls could be an ideal choice.

    For a website that comes with a large number of pages, you could use animated drop-down menus. Based on the type of website that you are designing, you can use images that when turned over to the other side would exhibit information. For example, if you are planning a page to display your team members’ pictures, you can design it in such a way that when it is flipped to the other side, it would show their biographies.

    Ensure that these animations work well across all devices, including mobile and desktops.

  5. Animate based on where you want to capture the user’s attention

    As we have already discussed, the animation is capable of capturing user attention. This means that animations are capable of controlling where users need to focus or shift their focus as needed. This works best if the user’s eyes are focused on the right place. Having an animation that fails to capture user attention or that has been placed at the wrong place could distract the user from the content.

    Different kinds of visuals that move across the screen are capable of attracting user attention. These visuals grab user attention based on factors like how fast they could move and where they are located on the page.
    When implementing animations, it is critical to ensure that these do no distract user attention but attract attention.


Animation complements content and is secondary when it comes to enhancing user experience. As a designer, your focus should be on enhancing the site’s layout, navigation, and functionality. Use animation to bridge the gaps, if any.

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