Things to Know When Looking for the Best Hosting Service Provider

Things to know when looking for the best hosting provider

All websites need to be hosted. This is what a website host does precisely – offering your website a place to reside, from where it would be accessible to its visitors.

When you look up options for website hosting – several factors, including functionality and price need to be considered. You should have a clear idea of what you are looking for, and also the knowledge of website hosting is critical. You should also be clear on what you would discuss with a prospective web host to ensure that the web hosting provider you’ve chosen would fulfill your business requirements.

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Below are the things that you need to be aware of when choosing the best hosting provider.

  1. Customer Support

    First and foremost, before choosing a web hosting service provider, ask yourself what kind of support would you need. Think of all the worst scenarios that could pop up, such as website hanging or issues with emails. Though we would look for someone who can offer a 100%-error-free service, glitches might happen for no unforeseen reason. In that case, you need to choose a service provider who would be available to provide assistance as and when needed. So, you should pick a provider, who is available to offer 24/7 free assistance, and speak your language.

  2. Backup

    When you discuss the customer support they offer, be sure to check if they guarantee adequate backup. For instance, if you end up deleting an important element on your website, where can you find the backup? You do not have to worry if your host provides automatic backups. Hit a few keystrokes and bam – the deleted element is back. Ensure that your host offers a disaster recovery plan and also ensure that they will constantly back up their backups.

  3. Accessibility

    Some of the hosting services might be such that it might be challenging to make changes to your website. It is recommended that your host gives you access to the server, which would make it easier for you to create email accounts, change server settings, and more. This means you can access your email online and not just using Outlook. It is important that you can log in online to check your email on your phone or any device, and even when Outlook has crashed.

  4. Add-ons

    When a web hosting service provider shares a quote, though it might sound attractive, ensure that you have a clear picture of what you are paying for. Businesses usually end up paying for what is not worth it. And if something is not included, for example, an email account, would they charge extra? Would that be included in the same package?

  5. Uptime guarantee

    Uptime and redundancy are the two most important aspects of a web hosting solution. Imagine your customers having to stare at a blank screen when they type in your site’s URL. So when you look for a hosting service, look for one with a reputation for uptime and redundancy. If the host faces server outages constantly, your site would not be accessible. So, you want someone who offers an uptime guarantee of 99% or more. Ensure that the server has multiple backup locations. With multiple backups, even if one goes down, the other goes online.

  6. Shareability

    If you are looking to save money on hosting your website, then it is best to go with “shared hosting”. Shared hosting includes hosting your site with a number of other sites, and you would have to pay a lesser hosting fee every month. However, if a disaster happens to one of the sites, it would affect all the other sites that are hosted on the same server.

    As discussed earlier, a faster website response time is crucial to ensure that your website visitor doesn’t feel frustrated and leaves your site. In that case, if Google considers page load speed as one of the factors in determining page rank, then this would cause a problem. Here, is where you can invest to get access to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). VPS might be complicated and expensive to launch, but once it is set up, you will have a high-quality web server with faster and uninterrupted performance.

  7. Exit Strategy

    Before you seal the deal with your web hosting service provider, go through the fine print to familiarize what they provide. This will also help you to decide if you need to look for other web hosting service providers.


When you have answers to all the above questions, you would find the best hosting service provider with ease.
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