Simple Website Changes to Attract More Customers

Simple website changes to attract more customers

Every once in a while, it would be ideal to examine if your website is bringing in the expected results. Ask questions like: Is my website attracting new customers? Do they stay long enough on my website? Are they converting? Do they find what they wanted? Do they return without taking any action?
If your website fails to attract visitors, then there would be reduced lead generation and a dip in sales. In this article, we will walk you through some simple changes that would bring back your people’s attention to your site.

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  • Search engine optimization

    Is your website well-optimized? Does it appear on the first page of the SERPs? Track this, you’ll have your answer. If your website is not optimized for the search engines, you’ll end up losing potential customers.

    Keyword research will help you to find keywords that people are using to search for related items/products/commodities. You can start by adding keywords to your tags, titles, and content.

    Use the latest SEO techniques to optimize your website. When you use the standard and best practices to optimize your site, you will slowly start seeing the results – driving your potential customers to your site.

    If you do not have the required skillsets, our SEO experts can help.

  • Test your headlines

    What kind of headings and sub-headings do you use in your content? These headings and sub-headings will play an important role in attracting your customers and converting them.

    The first thing users notice is the headline of your copy, which determines if they would stay back to read the body of the copy.

    So, it is important to use headlines that are engaging and relevant to the copy. You need to optimize your headings and sub-headings to arouse the curiosity of your people so that they want to stay back and read the remaining copy.

    In A/B testing, you experiment mainly with the tone, length, numbers, and statistics, which you can later use to enhance your existing content, which will attract people to your website.

  • Include free offers

    Online marketers have always used free offers to attract customers. With free offers, you are opening up an entirely new realm, driving people into your sales funnel, and one thing would lead to another, ultimately moving them up the ladder of your products or services.

    Giving something away for free isn’t as easy as it might seem to be. You need to have a clear picture of your audiences and their demographics. Targeting your potential prospects with free offers would automatically drive them to your sales funnel, converting them into sales.

    The conversion is built on how you tailor your free offers through your sales funnel.

  • Feature call to action

    Any website should have a specific call to action, which signals the user to take any action, such as sign up or subscribe, etc. Feature your calls to action in such a way that they can be found easily. You may include tools, such as chat windows or pop-ups to drive your customers who might start to move away from a page without taking any particular action.

  • Make social sharing easy

    Add social sharing buttons that would link your social media accounts, where your website visitors can find you and follow you. Whenever they share or like your social media content, all their connections can see it and your business would be touching an entirely new set of prospects.

  • Self-service is the best form of help

    Include features, such as requesting a sales call or scheduling a consultation online to save time and effort. For people who do not like talking over the phone, this is the best service you can offer.

  • Include videos

    Adding videos to the top landing pages would increase your conversions averaging to 86%. Scientific studies prove that our brain is capable of processing visual information over 60,000 times faster than text. What could this mean to your website? It would mean that visitors like to absorb information in the form of videos rather than reading text. Don’t you think using videos to exhibit your products and services would be an effective way rather than using text?

  • Include all the important information

    Some websites might fail to include important information, such as an address, phone number, map or directions, and even hours of operation. The details that we dismiss as unimportant might be the ones that play the most important role in deciding the future of our business.

    Include your information within business listings.

  • Offer a great user experience

    When your website offers simple and intuitive navigation, it would be easier for your people to use it. Make sure that your website doesn’t make people wait too long before it loads. Also, optimize your website for different devices, including mobiles and tablets.

  • Update your website regularly

    Once you design and develop your website, you are not done. You still have a lot to accomplish. Perform a website audit regularly to identify any issues or bugs that might be slowing it down or increasing the bounce rates. Also, evaluate your website’s performance regularly to understand if you need to make any further changes or if it needs any major fixes, such as broken links or outdated information that need to be updated.

Closing thoughts

Please understand whatever you do, the results wouldn’t roll out overnight. Be patient and keep experimenting to see what works best for your website. What works for one website might not work for another. Do not compromise over quality. Ensure that your website offers value-added information to your users that attract them and make them curious to find out more.

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