Repercussions Of COVID-19 On Marketing And SEO

By this time you must have heard a lot about COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has immensely impacted countless individuals, businesses, families and the economy across the globe. And the saddest part is that it is spreading so quickly and will continue to spread for a while. As a result of which, human lives are the paramount concern regarding the topic of coronavirus. General marketing and branding also have not been spared. This pandemic has impacted all businesses and industries in one way or the other. Different companies have either partly or completely shut down.

Marketing is often one of the first budgets to feel the repercussions of a recession. SEO, paid research have also been impacted a lot due to COVID-19. In reality, coronavirus is impacting the marketing community. It’s going to impact the budget and that’s going to have an impact on SEO. There is still a lot to talk about the impacts of coronavirus on marketing and SEO. Let’s discuss them below.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Marketing And SEO

1. COVID -19 recession

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease and efforts to quarantine it and as it has spread across the globe concerns have been shifted towards the businesses that are suffering so much that some of them are even in a position to shut down completely. The pandemic is considered unanimously as a major factor in causing recession and it has affected nearly every industry negatively.  It has caused severe repercussions for economies across the globe and the market has suffered a lot.

2. Search traffic has been diverted

The major implications on SEO are that it has experienced diverted search traffic. People haven’t been interested in searching for interesting and best ping-pong tables or best restaurants near them, they are spending more and more of their time on the internet looking at coronavirus and how it has impacted all of us.

The google trends report of search volume or the search trending for coronavirus is much more than any other minor things these days. SEO has been impacted so badly because of that, major loss of search traffic has been noticed, however, this has slowly been decreasing and now has resumed normalcy. In fact, a surge in searches and more time spent on the internet has now started helping SEO by getting more traffic. In the past few months, on an average, affiliate websites have lost about 10 to 20 percent traffic loss during the peak hype since the coronavirus has spread massively.

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3. A decrease in the buyer intent

The visitors that come to your websites are now not having the same level of buyer intent to buy things that they had before the pandemic. Why is that? It is because their thoughts are on their family health, fitness, stronger immunity, etc, their thoughts are not on things like curling irons, ping pong tables, protein powder but they are more concentrated on stuff like toilet paper, hand sanitizers, face masks, etc. But this is very niche specific. The businesses that supply essentials are the ones that were open in such a crisis. And other non-essential businesses were closed to encourage social distancing. In a survey, 65 percent of people have shown a massive decrease in their buying intent.

4. Travel And Tourism

There are many people who love traveling but right now that’s the last thing on people’s minds amid all the chaos caused by the pandemic. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries and regions have imposed lockdowns, entry bans, or other restrictions for citizens of the country or recent travelers to the most affected areas. The government has restricted traveling. So the travel industry has suffered a lot. Travel is an important niche in itself. But it has also affected many local based businesses in the restaurant and hospitality niches. The chairman of Indian Airlines Corporation warned that Expedia was expected to earn $30 to $40 million dollars less because of the effects of the coronavirus.


Hopefully, the Coronavirus passes soon. No one really knows how many people will be infected. But for the time being, try not to socialize with others too much or go to crowded places. If possible stay indoors.

As far as marketing is concerned, we talked about the repercussions of COVID-19 on marketing and SEO. In this article, we talked about how the coronavirus has impacted our lives and economy across the globe.  In case you have any doubt about SEO or Marketing Automation, feel free to contact us at Seattle New Media.