Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales

Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins To Increase Sales -seattlenewmedia

In this modern day and age, almost everything is available online. From the demands of the customer to the supply of products, everything can be done online. With the introduction of social media marketing, even large businesses have shifted towards online mode.

Through the online methods, the organizations are setting up their websites. The website is interacting with customers on the company’s behalf. While designing, website developers make sure that the website has an interactive design which includes various elements present which provides interactive features to the website.

One such feature is a plugin. A plugin is a software which provides additional functions to the website. Without a plugin, a website will not be able to have such interactive features.

Plugins allow you to attach a video to your website. It also helps in increasing the functionality of the website. It also works as a catalyst in website design services.

Therefore, plugins play an essential role in generating leads and increasing sales.

WooCommerce is a plugin service created for websites and blog sites like WordPress. It provides innovative plugins which you can include on your website. It will help your website in being more interactive and thus attracting customers.


Some of The Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins are: 

1. OptinMonster

This plugin by WooCommerce is one of the most efficient plugins. If you want to increase the lead generation of your website, Optinmonster has you covered. It is useful in optimizing e-commerce websites and provides features such as cart inclusion, growing your customer base that ultimately helps in increasing your overall customer turnover rate and increasing the conversion rate of your website.

With e-commerce websites, it is instrumental in increasing sales by a considerable extent. Therefore, it comes in most use by Webflow Developers.


2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most efficient email marketing services. WooCommerce provides this plugin for increasing the base of your customers through email. It divides your customer into different market segments and targets them individually.

It understands the need for each segment and acts accordingly. It makes use of the customer database from your website to reach out to customers. Its automated software will converse with the customer accordingly.

Constant Contact will keep a review of all your customers and follow up with your potential customers.

cinstant contact

3. ReferralCandy

Referral programs influence the marketing world by a large extent and help in creating a wave of word-of-mouth advertising. ReferralCandy operates on the same line; it creates and designs various campaigns for your website. In the campaign, it provides a way to award the loyal customer base with prizes.

If they can bring a new customer through their unique referral ID, they get a prize; this creates a race among the customers to be the greatest number of leads. This way, the organization benefits through the free advertising plan.

ReferralCandy runs this campaign for your website. It will generate more leads than any other WooCommerce plugin available.

referral candy

4. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is another efficient tool of WooCommerce that helps in attaching social media links as a security proof. It helps in verifying the authenticity of the website. It also displays the current activities other customers are performing on your website.

Often, the customers are indecisive while taking action on a website; this happens because they are not sure of the website’s authenticity. TrustPulse solves that problem efficiently.

It helps to customize WooCommerce product pages also. You can add a small link on your webpage and it will help in tracking all the activities.

It also provides live analytics of what is happening on your website at the present moment.


5. LiveChat

LiveChat is an instant bot messaging platform by WooCommerce that helps in installing a chatbot box for your website. This chatbot will provide instant action to your customer’s queries/complaints. It adheres to the messaging action on your website.

It contains chat widgets which provide instant action to a customer’s query. It also has live chat support wherein the customers can talk to the bot individually.

It is also a mobile supportive plugin as it operates on a mobile device too. The customer can also raise a query from his mobile. LiveChat also provides a low response time from the server. A webflow developer can easily install it.



Plugins are an essential factor in increasing sales. The plugins, as mentioned above, make the work efficient and faster for the customer. Plugins also make your website more responsive.

A responsive website will create more leads because of efficiency. WooCommerce provides these plugins to make your website more customer-friendly. These activities will, in turn, make the business profitable. So, if you have a website, what are you waiting for? Browse WooCommerce and get these plugins for free.