Is it the Right Time to Start Using Social Media Marketing?

Start using Social Media Marketing

With the pandemic and the world going into lockdown, businesses have had to adopt newer strategies to attract and engage their customers online. We have seen in the previous year how the business ecosystem has been changing, with people preferring online shopping now more than ever.

Businesses have been looking for new ideas to reach out to their customers. Some of these strategies have worked, while others failed. Sometimes, what you need is a change in your existing strategy rather than opting for a new one.

Now is the time to think of social media marketing for your business.

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What exactly is social media marketing?

When businesses found out that people have been spending time on social media platforms, they decided to use this idea to their advantage. Social media marketing is how businesses started using social media platforms for connecting with their audiences. If you feel that your existing strategies fail to drive traffic, increase sales and engage users, start using social media marketing.

Today, build your brand with social media marketing.

Increase your reach by publishing interesting content via your social media profiles. Use social media to listen to and engage your followers. Run ad campaigns using social media and analyze your results.

Social media platforms where you can reach out to your users: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

There are various social media management tools, such as Buffer, to help you with your strategies across these social media platforms. Regardless of whether you are planning to increase your sales or grow your brand, there is no right time to implement social media marketing.

What are the important points to consider when you start using social media marketing?

Setting business goals

Firstly, you need to be sure if you really want to use social media marketing for your business needs. Once you are sure, start setting your goals.

What do you want: build a community or increase your followers, or drive engagement or all of these?
Your content strategy is driven by your goals. You need to focus your efforts on what your plans are for your campaigns.

How do you start?

Start by setting short-term goals – scaling your social efforts – which are reasonable and cost-effective.

Tips for setting short-term goals, regardless of the size of your business:

  • Focus on more than promotional content

    If you want to increase your brand’s awareness, you need to be doing more than publishing promotional messages. Experts recommend using content that highlights the brand values and its personality rather than promoting random content, for the sake of marketing.

  • Increasing followers

    The major goal, whether short term or long term, is always to increase followers, generate leads, enhance engagement and bring in more sales. Think about it this way there is no magic that will drive followers your way. Social media purchases are driven by new products and promos. Send alerts or notifications via social media platforms to your people.

    Engaging followers is good, but you know what is better? Increasing followers! You need to increase followers – implement strategies to take your brand to all those people who have never even heard of your brand before.
    What can you do to increase your followers or to bring in new customers?

    You need to be constantly listening to what your audiences are saying. Listen to the conversations that are most relevant to your business and industry. When you are researching, you will need to use specific keywords, phrases or hashtags. When you are keeping a tab on these conversations, you will realize that reaching out to your audience is much easier than any other means.

  • Increasing community engagement

    As we discussed earlier, it is equally important to retain your existing followers while gaining new ones. You can think of messaging and content, for instance, promoting user-generated content and hashtags.

    If you can’t think of anything, asking a question can enhance your user engagement. How cool is that? Your followers are the greatest advocates of your brand, provided you give them something interesting to do.

  • Driving traffic to your site

    Social media marketing is one of the best ways to increase traffic and even generate leads. Observe conversions and URL clicks that happen on your social ads or promotional posts – this will help you understand and analyze the revenue you are generating from social media.

When is the best time to post on social media?
Time is an important factor when it comes to posting on social media and how marketers deal with it. Users are always searching for interesting and intriguing content. If you can give that on a regular basis, you’re halfway there.

Also, your followers are expecting to see you online always.

Your customers do not operate according to your time. But you need to operate according to their availability. How do you maximize your schedule to ensure that you spent maximum time on social media?

When do you post?

Post at a time when there is maximum engagement. How do you know that?

You can start by posting at the time when your brand has the bandwidth to engage and interact with your customers. Some social media platforms recommend times, such as posting late in the evening or so. However, if you post and leave, nothing works. Your brand needs to be online at the preferred time and not leave after posting.

Ensure that there is a dedicated executive or support person from your social media team, who is readily available to respond to any queries or concerns regarding your product or business, whenever you tweet or post. Based on the social media platform that you are using, the time to post and engage changes.

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