Important Google My Business Ranking Factors

Important Google My Business ranking factors

Does your business appear on the first page of the search results on Google when you search it with your keywords? More importantly, check if your Google My Business listing has been featured on the knowledge panel. If not, then you need to be reworking your strategies to improve your Google My Business rankings.

Google My Business

Any average business shows up in 1,000 plus searches monthly. So, Google search and local SEO are crucial marketing tools for any business.
Google offers a free tool that can be availed by businesses of all sizes and the tool is Google My Business. Using a Google My Business account, a business can create local search strategies, display its business location on Google maps, and tap into the infinite reservoir of Google reviews to enhance its visibility.

Local rankings

You might be familiar with how Google’s algorithm considers multiple ranking factors for ranking a business in the SERPs. You need to understand how Google’s local rankings work, regardless of whether your business is trying to rank higher in the search engine or rank higher for customer reviews.

We will take you through the three major factors that Google considers when determining local rankings:

Proximity: One of the many factors that Google takes into account when ranking a local business – linking your Google My Business listing to Google Maps will help your customers near you to find your business when they search for nearby businesses. This is highly beneficial to local home service businesses, such as tailors, caterers, and plumbers (during the pandemic, a number of businesses benefitted from this as they were able to serve their existing customers and reach out to a new set of customers).

How important it is: If you invest in social media and online PR for your business, you’re increasing your chances of being ranked higher. When we talk about prominence, make sure that you are working on improving the prominence of your brand and offering. However, don’t use duplicate listings to optimize your business for the search engine. It would do more harm than good.

Keywords: Your business and the target keywords you use share a close relationship. You need to use keywords relevant to your users’ searches. Use keywords that are relevant to your business and customer searches. These keywords are responsible for driving people to your business information in the local search results when they make related searches.

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Let us work on improving the Google My Business Ranking

Here is how you can optimize your Google My Business account to improve its ranking.

How does a person find a business or place in their area? They would need to look for relevant businesses or places across Google in Maps and Search. Google brings you local results if you search for businesses nearby over your mobile device.

Use Google Business Profile and update your business information to improve your business’s local ranking.

If you see that your business doesn’t appear across relevant searches for your location or area, you need to update your business information to achieve better visibility for local search.

You need to update your business information in your business profile and make it accurate, complete, and engaging so that your business will reach the maximum number of users when they are searching for relevant local businesses.

Using a bulk upload spreadsheet, you can update your business information. This can be updated for over 10 locations simultaneously.

Ensure that all the data are updated

When it comes to local results, the most prominent and relevant results are favored. Only businesses that have all their information updated seem to match with the relevant searches and hence are easier to find.

As and when changes happen to your business, please update the information.

Check if you have entered all the complete business information in your business profile, including:

  • Attributes
  • Category
  • Contact number
  • Address

Have you verified your locations?

As you update your business information for different locations, you need to verify these. The verification part will help your business to appear in local search results across Google Maps and Search.

When do you operate?

Another important step is to update your business hours regularly. You must provide all details, such as when are you open for business and what time do you close. If you operate on any holidays or events, please enter the operating hours.

When you provide the operating hours, your customers know when you will be open for business, and it saves them the time and effort of arriving at your shop when it is shut down.

How well do you respond to reviews?

Whenever a customer reviews your business, you must respond. Your response to their reviews matters because it makes them feel valued. When you garner enough positive reviews from your customers, you’re automatically improving your business’s visibility.

Have you added any relevant images?

Add some images of your products to your Business Profile.


The search rankings will improve over time. You need to keep working on improving your strategies. There are no shortcuts to improving your visibility in local searches.

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