How To Customize WooCommerce Product Pages

The product that you are selling may be unique and at the same time, the product pages that showcase your products should be also unique to get the maximum achievement. The default WooCommerce page will be a perfect fit for many online stores but you have to customize your WooCommerce product pages that reflect your products and its style & benefits. And you do not need to be a developer for customizing your WooCommerce product pages; few extensions from WooCommerce will help you to do that effectively and create the best web design.

In the past years, if you wanted to customize your product pages it involves tons of lines of code, but now, with the WooCommerce extensions, you can get full control over your design and the layout of your product page. Here we are going to see how to customize the WooCommerce product pages with the help of some WooCommerce addons.

  • Product Add-Ons

This product add-ons extension will add more fields to your product pages so that your customers can customize their purchases. You can include the layout options for individual products or the entire catalog. The layout options include checkboxes, dropdowns, text boxes, and add variations with the sample images. This add-on is perfect for the stores which offer additional options like gift wrapping, etc. For instance, if you are selling clothes and you offer embroidery then this will be perfect for you; your customers can easily customize their orders.

  • WooCommerce 360° Image

You can add a dynamic, custom 360° image rotation to your product pages so that your customers can get more details about your product. You do not need to add a group of images to the product gallery, instead, you can add a beautiful 360° image. This will help you to save your time as well as your customer’s time, moreover, your customers can see all the aspects of your product. If you wish to give an experience like physically holding a product to your customer, then you must try this.

  • Alluring Swatches and Photos

If your products have color variations and pattern variations, then you should try this feature; this allows your customers to see your products in action. And it displays variations of your products like size, pattern, style, colors, etc. This add-on improves the design of your product pages and gives a better idea to your customers about what they are purchasing.

  • Apt Size Chart for WooCommerce

If you are selling a product that comes in various sizes, then a size chart will be effective and it helps your customer to understand which one to purchase. It is not only helping your customers, but it also helps to reduce the number of returns. The size chart for WooCommerce extension will help you to add size charts to your product pages; you can create or upload a size chart for your product. You can add a size chart as a pop-up or in product details. If you are selling shirts, t-shirts, pants, footwear, stickers, or furniture then this extension will be much helpful for you.

  • Perfect Product Recommendations

If you want to increase your customer’s cart and your overall sales, then upsells and cross-sells are the best way. You can use this extension to show your customers more of what they are interested in. Based on what is popular, what is new, what is on sales, you can add the recommended products. Also, you can display the products that are already in your customer’s cart. If you are selling more than one product then you must try this extension. And it helps you to boost your sales, for instance, if you are selling shoes then add laces and socks in the recommended products.

  • Stylish Product Video for WooCommerce

Remember, videos are the best way to showcase your product in action, and the product video for WooCommerce will let you do that. With this extension, you can add videos to your product image gallery, even you can replace dozens of images with an admiring video. This extension is great for the stores with products that are best shown in action. Moreover, you can persuade your customers with the help of this extension; for instance, if you are selling clothes, then you can show how it fits a variety of body types. Also, you can include the best things about your product, the combination of the visual and audio will persuade the customer to purchase it.

WooCommerce is the best platform for selling products, and it lets you create a unique product page; it is all about customizability and flexibility. WooCommerce provides all the tools that you will need, and the valuable extension is meant to save your time and considerably increases your sales. By using these extensions and adding these fields (like size charts, video, product recommendation) you can give a unique look to your product page (which is directly related to high sales).