How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?

How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results

Whenever we take up a digital marketing project, the one question that our clients have in common is how long does SEO take to show results? Undoubtedly, SEO plays a vital role in determining the visibility of a website. But, there is no ideal answer to when SEO will start driving sales or improve the site’s rankings. Unlike paid advertising techniques that show results instantly, SEO can take months, maybe a year.

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Let us learn more about the variables that determine how long SEO will take before you get your results. Variables influencing how long SEO will take include:

  • Competition

    Based on your business (products, services, or solutions), you will face varying degrees of competition. If you are up against highly competent websites, it will take longer for your site to reach the top of the search results. For a business that is widely in demand, the volume of competitors will be high. Everyone is hiring expert SEO professionals to stand apart from other brands. So your journey to the top will take longer.

    The road ahead is tough. As you have all your competitors’ data, you have the leverage of starting from where they stand. While you go through all their present activities, it is vital to examine their previous activities to understand their journey.

  • Inbound links

    SEO and links are closely related. Examine the volume of links to your site. Acquiring more and more links will help your site to rank better from an SEO perspective. However, the number does not matter.

    If you can acquire high-quality links (though fewer in number), those links will influence your rankings for a long time, while low-quality links (in higher volume) will fail to create a considerable impact.

    Another highlight of acquiring high-quality links is that these are difficult to replicate.

  • Content

    Content is the core of SEO. Your website’s content will determine how long SEO will take to show results. So, focus all your efforts and time on creating high-quality content. The length of the content doesn’t matter. Regardless of how long the content is, it must provide value-added information to your user.

    Publishing new content, in a consecutive manner, will not bring down your rankings. If you have high-quality content, you can publish it instantly. Don’t wait too long if you want your SEO to yield results sooner. However, having a publishing schedule will not hurt.

Below is a glimpse of what your SEO journey will look like:

  • Month 1 activities will include website audit, research, keyword strategy, and planning. You can work on the technical aspects of the website starting from the first month if you can complete research and discovery immediately. However, in some cases, research and discovery may last over a month.
  • Month 2 activities will cover technical SEO tasks, including modifying the website (determined by the site audit). In some instances, the website might need fixing, which might take months. Meanwhile, you can also focus on other SEO activities, such as link profile and content development, to save time. If your site needs to be overhauled, you won’t be getting any results from the SEO.
  • Month 3: Your third month’s activities will include content creation (blogging, articles, whitepapers, FAQs, company info, product details, and so on). Once you have finished strategy and planning, you must start creating content. If you are facing budget constraints, you can push aside content development till your website gets fixed. With the third-month activities rolling out, you can expect some changes in your rankings toward the end of the month. Some of these rankings are likely to convert into leads or sales.
  • Month 4: Month 4 activities will include third-month activities plus technical optimization of the website and building a link profile. To build a healthy link profile, you will have to clean up any low-quality links. From this month, you will see a significant increase in your rankings and traffic, driving sales.
  • Month 5: Month 5 activities include social media management. Some SEO professionals prefer to incorporate social media management starting with the fourth month. Social media management is intended to bolster your content, driving traffic to your website. While social media management is effective at generating a natural link profile, it will also contribute to your lead generation efforts. In addition to creating content, you can engage in PR or media outreach to amplify your efforts. From the SEO perspective, you can expect to see more traffic at this point.
  • Month 6: The number of visitors might have increased by this point. You can boost your efforts by including conversion rate optimization to transform your traffic into leads or sales. You can focus more on creating high-quality content and promoting that content to achieve better rankings.

Regardless of the SEO practices you follow, it might take months to succeed. So don’t stop after the first three months. Keep going. SEO offers results that will last over a long time.

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