How the Best Brands Are Crafting Their Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is already becoming a very competitive channel for marketing.

Brands are generating tons of content to stay visible at the top of viewers’ screens every day.

If your brand has a presence on Instagram, you need to produce captivating Instagram Stories to engage audiences and keep competitors from taking up too much airspace.

To create great Instagram Stories, you don’t need a large budget or agency polish. You just need to engage with your followers genuinely.

With Stories, you’re focusing on connection, rather than conversion. Engagement is the most important goal.

Today we’ll dig deep into how the best brands are crafting their Instagram stories to maximize engagement. So you can get inspired and… do better!

Did you ever wonder who’s the most wanted (AKA followed) brands on Instagram?

Statista’s data shows that, as of December 2017, National Geographic had more than 83 million Instagram followers. Nike got the silver medal with 75,4 million followers.
If we focus on fashion brands only (btw: did you know that 99% of fashion brands are on Instagram?), Nike becomes become a gold medalist, followed by Victoria’s Secret (58M followers). Guess what? The bronze medal goes to Nike, again, with their football line (30,8M). To create great Instagram stories, get in touch with web design agency seattle!