Here Is How You Can Use Content Gap Analysis in Your SEO

One of the most common questions in content writing is “how can I know what to write about”. Looking into SEO keyword research is one of the best ways to determine which topics to focus on your website. 

But how do you decide whether you are missing out on another interesting topic? 

Conducting a content gap analysis is one of the best and smartest ways to find your content gaps. The content gap analysis will help you develop strategic content ideas that will pull more traffic to your website, convert more customers, and provide more value to your target audience.

Content gap analysis is the process of finding holes in your existing content; this process involves identifying the missing content pieces that could and should align with the various stages of your target audience’s buyer’s journey. Analyzing your existing content will offer you to see where you might be missing valuable assets that could guide your readers to the point of purchase. Here is how you can use content gap analysis in your SEO.


Map out the buyer’s journey

At this point, you have to take some time literally drawing or writing out the primary questions that your audience has, the various options they might consider, and what they are looking for before they purchase. For instance, a small business owner may be struggling to get their finances together; with this problem in mind, they search for “how to manage my small business finances”.

This will yield several articles talking about the “10 best ways to manage your finances”; they click an article titled “10 methods for getting your small business finance under control”. They will search for a service and compare the pros and cons of two companies that offer the service they need. Once they are sure which company sounds the best fit for them, they will sign up for the free trial, and if they loved the brand, they would move for the paid subscription.

In the above example, we can see that there are multiple opportunities to create content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Your goal has to be to map this out for your business, based on the various products and services you are offering. Make sure to look for a reliable Seattle SEO expert.


Conducting market research

One of the finest ways to develop content ideas that align with what your audiences want is, simply asking them what they want. Conducting a market research survey will help you uncover the most burning questions, concerns, pain points, goals, and needs of your audiences. This feedback will inform your website content strategy; you can use the Google form to create a simple and anonymous survey to send to your target audiences.


Analyze the content on your website

While your brand publishes or shares content across various platforms, you have to be sure that the content on your website aligns with the buyer’s journey and does not leave gaps for your potential customers to fall through. Crawl your website for all URLs and determine how they align with each stage. You can easily decide whether or not you are missing content that bridges the gap between one stage and another, doing this will also boost domain authority. You can also find gaps on your site by using SEO tools to see what keywords your site already ranks for.


Analyze your competitor’s content

Determining what is missing from your site will often involve a bit of process by elimination, but this will not be enough. You have to look at what your competitors are doing, and comparing how your site measures up is one of the best ways to find some additional gaps. If your competitor’s content is more or less similar to your content, then see the contents they have created to lead users from one stage to another.


Mind the gap

Most marketers and business owners make the mistake of focusing on “money” pages to push the sale, or informative blog articles to draw in readers. You need to do both and need content that bridges the gap between each step of the buyer’s journey; from when they are first ‘problem aware’ to the point of making a purchase decision. It is best to partner with an SEO agency and elevate the SEO game of a business.

Conducting a content gap analysis is one of the best keys to finding holes in your existing content strategy; it will help you make or create new content assets that can generate traffic and funnel users to the point of purchase. It will also give you a chance to identify new keyword opportunities based on what your competitors are targeting and not targeting. In simple terms, content analysis involves auditing what you currently have and laying out a content strategy that meets users at multiple touch points.