Google Ads Recommendations: What You Need to Know?

Google Ads recommendations, what you need to know

As advertisers look for new ways to market and promote their products, Google always comes up with interesting Ads recommendations to help them out. Google’s recommendations are intended at making things much easier for advertisers. However, it is recommended that you take a closer look at these recommendations and implement only the ones that would bring your results, rather than wasting a whole lot of time on something that would negatively impact your ad campaigns.

Recently, Google Ads even made an announcement that advertisers can accept recommendations for their ads accounts. These recommendations are intended to improve your performance and help you land opportunities, given the ever-changing state of the market. Google has decided to help advertisers optimize their campaigns more efficiently by providing them with options to apply or accept these recommendations automatically. This decision was made as a result of the feedback Google received from advertisers who complained the challenges they faced while reviewing and implementing recommendations. Also, this method is too time-consuming.

Now, advertisers have a choice of automatically accepting from over 17 recommendations. Google Ads also provides them with the option to make changes to these selections and they can also choose to opt out of these, whenever they want.

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In this article, we will provide you an in-depth view of how these recommendations work.

Based on your account’s performance history, campaign settings, and the ongoing trends across Google are considered. The Recommendations page uses these factors to automatically generate recommendations, intended at improving your business’s performance. Click here to explore these recommendations.

Please note: If you started adding ads recently, it is likely that you won’t be shown any recommendations. However, keep checking to see if Google Ads has suggested any recommendations as new recommendation types are constantly being added.

How helpful is the Recommendations page?

Based on your account history, the Recommendations page can help you:

Review performance estimates: Using the historical data, the Recommendations page can check performance estimates. However, do not expect the Recommendations page to provide predictions on if your ads are going to perform well. But, you will be provided with information, such as data from the past, your campaign performance and the relevant searches from Google. All this information will help you analyze which one of the recommendations would be a great fit for your campaign.

Save time: You have the option to make improvements without having to spend a lot of time. The Recommendations page does a lot of your work by looking for suggestions that will work for you, making it easier for you to invest your time and effort on decision-making rather than researching.

Refresh your campaigns: If you have been using the same keywords for a long time, then don’t worry. The Recommendations page will take care of this by helping keep your account fresh.

Let us take a look at the different types of recommendations:

  1. Ads and extensions

    With “Ads and extensions” recommendations, you can refine your ads, create new ones, keep displaying some of your best ads (any number of times you want), and you can organize your ads into ad groups (based on your preferences). With extensions, you can maximize the performance of your ads and work on improving your ads’ clickthrough rates.

  2. Automated campaigns

    With automated campaign recommendations, you can streamline your campaign management and maximize your performances through automated bidding, targeting, and creation.

  3. Bid and Budget Recommendations

    Here are the six suggestions related to bids and budgets – part of the first group of recommendations:

    • Bid more efficiently – maximize clicks
    • Big more efficiently – maximize conversions
    • Bid more efficiently – Target CPA
    • Bid more efficiently – Target ROAS
    • Bid more efficiently – Target impression share
    • Bid more efficiently – Enhanced CPC
  4. Keywords and targeting

    With “Keywords and targeting” recommendations, you can reach out to more people or potential prospects, who would be interested in your product.

  5. Repairs

    With Repairs recommendations, you can fix issues with your Ads account and improve the overall health and performance of your Ads.

  6. Ad suggestions

    Ad suggestions should be looked upon as the variations of your existing ads – intended at bolstering the performance of your Search network campaigns. Ad suggestions usually appear in your account on the Recommendations page. You can review these, and based on your requirements, accept or dismiss them. If you do not take any action, the Ad suggestions that are categorized as “auto-apply” will be automatically accepted after 2 weeks.

Google Ads mobile apps

Now, things are easier than they were before. You have the option to evaluate performance and make changes to your account as required. Thanks to the Google Ads mobile app that is here to enhance your Google Ads experience. With this app, you can stay connected to your campaigns anytime from anywhere. You can evaluate your campaigns in real time, and also review high-impact recommendations to enhance performance and make quick and swift decisions.

Proposed changes

Google Ads account representative will propose changes that would help to improve your campaign performance. You can find these proposed changes in your account on the Recommendations page. Review these optimizations and if you are interested, add these to your account by clicking Apply all.

Paused campaigns

That is exciting news!!! A paused campaign will continue to be scored.

As discussed earlier, you might not see recommendations always. Here are the reasons why you won’t see recommendations always:

  • If your account doesn’t have any billing information
  • If your account doesn’t have any campaigns, ad groups or ads
  • If your ads aren’t receiving any traffic
  • If your ads recently started running
  • If your campaigns are already optimized

When you don’t see recommendations surfacing in your account, keep checking again sooner.

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