Easy Link Building Strategies

Easy link building strategies

You can acquire hyperlinks for your website from other websites and this amazing process of link building is still one of the expert recommendations to drive traffic.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), link building will help to increase not only the quantity but also the quality of inbound links to a web page, thereby improving the site’s ranking. Unlike earlier, today link building focuses on acquiring high-quality links rather than increasing the quantity of links – which is, of course, a priority.

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Importance of link building

Before we discuss the strategies, it is important to understand that links form a major contribution to influencing a site’s ranking on search engines. As discussed, search engines, when crawling, examine the quality of a webpage’s inbound links while also checking the quantity. The quality of the links will attract traffic, thereby improving the webpage’s rankings.

Google and other search engines consider links as one of the most influential factors when determining a webpage’s ranking. It is through links that search engines find new content, which is, again, a factor that helps in deciding the content’s quality.

Just like votes, high-quality links are evidence of the quality of the content. When it comes to Google this testimonial is considered to be a good sign. However, Google has been constantly working on improving its ability at detecting linking patterns that are far from natural. Google has systems in place that will help to identify links that are useless to users.

The traditional practices, including using PBNs, spamming comments’ section, or even posting in forums, are no longer considered link-building strategies.

Link building can be looked upon as a strategy that marketers and SEO experts use to acquire high-quality links to their quality, around which the rankings of their webpage are built. These links are intended at driving more people to the content, thereby improving the webpage’s ranking.

A helpful, natural, and high-quality link will drive better traffic to your site, thereby ranking your site higher in the SERPs. When you choose a link, ensure that it is closely related to the content, and comes with a strong anchor text – which will help the search engines to better understand the context of the link.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the best link building strategies for the year 2021 and ahead.

  1. Do guest blogging

    A lot of people consider guest blogging as a long-dead form of SEO strategy. The traditional way of amassing guest blogs for gathering links is no longer appreciated. In the earlier days, people wouldn’t think about the relevance of a site’s niche before posting an article on that site. If you continue doing that just to get a backlink, you should know that it doesn’t work. It is high time you focused your time and effort elsewhere because search engines know when you are cheating. You can’t outsmart Google.

    Make sure that you are posting your content on a site, where it matters. Be authentic and use a unique piece of content for the site. Also, the site that you are reaching out should be authoritative, relevant, and visited frequently by your audience.

    This would help you to acquire higher rankings, and increased traffic.

  2. Use social media

    Social media networks have changed the way we do marketing and how people perceive businesses. Social media has gone a long way in revolutionizing the world of marketing and can contribute greatly to your link building strategies as well as guest blogging.

    Firstly, you need to be active on all those social media networks where your potential prospects are. All you have to do is share some interesting posts, images, and keep updating details related to your business. Give your fans and followers what they are looking for via social media. As your activity on social media increases, you are boosting engagement. You will bring more exposure to your site, which will expose your brand further to more people – who would keep sharing the posts they like till it reaches the maximum number of people.

    This will help in improving your link profile, thereby driving more traffic and increasing your webpage’s ranking.

  3. Generate a list of targets

    You can start by researching those websites that have products and services for which you could write a testimonial. Ensure that the site you choose is relevant to your niche and has existing genuine testimonials.

  4. Check your competitor’s backlinks

    Some of your competitors might be ranking better than you on the search engines. This means you are not doing something that they are doing and this something has helped them to score higher ranking than you.

    A little competition is always healthy and will help you do your business better. Find out what keywords they’re ranking for, where do their best links come from, and what are their current strategies. The competitor analysis will help you to improve and get better at what you are doing.

  5. Find your audiences

    Once you know which site you need to reach out to, you need to find out your target audiences. You can get these details from your submission forms or request your people to fill in the contact form on the website. When you get their email ids, save these and start approaching everyone with a pitch.

  6. Choose crowdfunding

    This is one of the most underrated link building strategies that people don’t take advantage of. This comes in handy when you are raising money for your business through crowdfunding. All you have to do is place a link to each of the people who contributed. You can acquire links for your site through donor links and package links.

Closing thoughts

When you are investing in link-building, it is important to understand that it is non-scalable. It comes mostly from the relationships you build and nurture. If you want to acquire high-quality links, it is important to build relationships with websites that have high traffic and high rankings.

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