E-Commerce Is Complicated, We All Know That, Should Magento Be The Developer’s Choice?


The e-commerce trend is about to advance by leaps and bounds in the coming years, especially in the post COVID era. The world is adjusting to a digital lifestyle and e-commerce stores are set to reap the benefits of that now.

But e-commerce is hardly an easy area to navigate. Lots of factors to take into consideration, lots of features to decide upon. This is why it is extremely essential that the business owners choose a development platform that will benefit them most.

Different types of stores and businesses have distinct requirements when it comes to choosing their e-commerce platform features and hence it is best if you opt for a platform that allows you a certain degree of customizability.

The top three e-commerce development platforms on the market at the moment are Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento. In this post, we will be elaborating on why we have settled upon Magento as the best platform after a good deal of research, trial, and error!

What is Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce development platform from Adobe Experience Cloud. Built using open-source technology, it is chosen by around 30% of e-commerce merchants for their shopping cart systems and high functionality.

Yep, that’s a big number! But why is this the preferred option?

Excellent marketing and SEO support along with a host of other functionalities.

Read on to find out why Magento is edging past all competitors to become one of the most caught-after platforms for e-commerce stores!

Reasons for choosing Magento:

Here’s why Magento should be your top choice while choosing your e-commerce development platform.

  1. Multiple website management

One company may often decide to have multiple stores under a single website for their different lines of products.

And this is what is truly one of Magento’s best features- multiple stores under a single dashboard.

This way, under a dashboard on a website or app, users can be redirected to multiple stores under your banner.

  1. Open-source platform

Let’s come to Magnento’s USP.

Shopify and Woocommerce are paid- you pay for the hosting and plugins and extensions. But Magento is not!

You can use up all the plugins and extensions in the Magento Marketplace absolutely for free! Besides, the open-source factor makes sure that you can customize your store in any way you want. Just hire a development agency that has Magento developers to develop or install modules according to your needs. (You could reach out to us for this service!)

  1. The Magento community

Bloggers, developers, designers- this community has a lot to offer you.

Whenever you are facing any issue with your Magento e-commerce store, just drop your queries in the forum.

You are bound to get some answers and solutions!

  1. Performance

C’mon, we wouldn’t be recommending this if we hadn’t thought that the performance was outstanding.

And believe me, it is!

The page load time is quicker than lightning and the query processing is completed with the blink of an eye! And all this is truly critical because even a second of delay drives as many as 7% of people off your site! (Yikes!)

  1. Affordability

Young entrepreneurs and new startups pay close attention! Shopify and Woocommerce are mighty expensive and Magento costs only a fraction of what they do!

And all this is because they offer cloud hosting, which causes the maintenance charges to plummet. A Magento e-commerce store takes around $2000 to build, which is nothing compared to Shopify charges.

  1. Mobile experience

3 out of 5 people surf e-commerce stores for their mobile phones, so it is critical that your platform is as user-friendly on phones as it is on laptops and desktops.

Good news for you? Magento uses HTML5, which helps readjust images for the mobile and also supports videos.

  1. SEO friendly

There’s a good chance that there are at least a hundred other stores selling similar products. So it is absolutely mandatory for your website to rank. And that’s SEO.

Magento gives you all tools required for great SEO- URLs, sitemaps, plugins, and whatnot.

And your job is to shrewdly deploy these million features to get your store on page 1 of Google.

  1. Support

It’s rule 1 of purchase- check the customer support. Phone, car, or even wifi- you’ve got to make sure that the service providers have your back. And Magento definitely does.

They keep updating their software, security, stability, and UX from time to time for the best results. This boosts user-friendliness and ease of navigation of the website.

  1. 3rd party integrations

From shipping and tracking to payment and Google Analytics, there’s a lot you could use on your Magento platform. And the most impressive part?

They have several payment integrations available- so that payment is a piece of cake for you and you don’t have a single hassle.

Summary and Conclusion

You see, almost 150,000 stores use Magento- that is a whopping 30% of the whole share. And this is good enough proof of its performance and credibility. But as we always tell you, we go deep to give you the most authentic scoop! So here it is.

Affordable, user-friendly, customizable- Magento is our choice for an e-commerce platform!

If you need any more information or e-commerce development services, you know where to find us!