Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Traffic

Best Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Traffic -seattlenewmedia

Digital marketing has created a market for itself in the last 7-8 years. Digital marketing, in its initial phases, was highly considered as a nice-to-have channel of marketing. But with the digital boom and expansion of internet capabilities, digital marketing took an upward turn. 

Most businesses are now shifting away from traditional channels of marketing and relying heavily on digital channels. Marketing sector is making use of digital channels such as email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click) and display ads to build their brands as well as to market their products/services. The domain has grown so diverse that there are digital marketing agencies that provide these specialized services—some of them even specializing in one particular niche.

With the onset of the trend, there came many ways of doing digital marketing. The basic formula of digital marketing was to always experiment. Experiment with the way you present your content.

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In the digital age, trends come as fast as they go. And who makes the trend? Customer tastes and innovative marketers. These two forces come at play together to create trends in digital marketing. 

There are many ways of doing each task. For most marketers, boosting traffic is the main aim. Boosting traffic means attracting a new customer base. But how do we do that? Well, let us see!

Here are some of the Best Digital Marketing Ideas:

  • Spread Out Your Reach 

Spreading out your reach means to experiment with every social base. Experimenting with these bases will enable you to make out what is best for business. Suppose you made your business accounts on every possible social media website. Out of everyone, you see, Instagram is working the best for you.

Now, you know which way is bringing you the most traffic. This way, you can then divert all your resources in making your page stronger, which will in turn, divert more traffic. 

So, experimenting is a good digital marketing technique for increasing customers. 

  • Support #Hashtag Themes

Hashtags are a burning rage across all social platforms right now. The reach of the hashtag is beyond any tool right now. Hashtags (#) are used to build clout and viral fan following around specific topics. It bonds people who are using the same hashtags that typically create a pool of like-minded audience and catches the attention of potential customers too. Many digital marketing services are catering to these requirements. 

Several businesses now create digital campaigns based on hashtags. The internet algorithm of the hashtag is strong enough to attract thousands of new customers.

It is also a cost-effective way of doing marketing as compared to other methods of #digitalmarketing

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  • Sponsorships and Collaboration

People who are so acclaimed in certain domains as to influence the general public are called influencers. Some are influencers by their celebrity status, some by the sheer number of fan followers, some by the rhetorical power of their written or spoken words, some by virtue of their selfless deeds, some for their sporting power. The reasons vary, but one thing is common. They have the power to sway the choices people make—be it a lifestyle or a buying decision or a behavioral change for public good or a philanthropic mission. Influencers are people who also have a large fan following. 

Collaborating with these influencers to market your products uniquely will help your brand or product to get in the limelight. It will also expose your business to a more extensive section of the society. By indulging in sponsorships, you can earn a more significant base of customers.

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  • Referral Code Marketing

Referral programs influence the marketing world by a large extent. It helps in creating a wave of word-of-mouth advertising. In the campaign, it provides a way to award the loyal customer base with prizes. It involves a small exercise/campaign with the existing customer base. If they can bring a new customer through their unique referral ID, they get a prize; this creates a race among the customers to obtain the most significant number of leads. This way, the organization benefits through the free advertising plan.

Referral code marketing can expose you to a large base of customers through an indirect means. You can host a competition on your social media channel. You can further combine the concept of hashtags with referrals. You can mix and match till you reach the optimum number of customers. 

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  • Memes 

It may sound unusual, but 2020 has shown us enough of the unusual, right? The gen-Z is obsessed with the concept of memes. A meme is a piece of picture or video edited intelligently to give out a somewhat different message. The original content is fully edited off, and a new narrative comes into the picture. 

People share memes by the minute. From news to the latest celeb fight, everything becomes a meme on the internet. So, why not products and services?

You can bring out a meme dedicated to your product as a part of your campaign. It can blow and expose your product to a larger section of society. 


Digital marketing these days is involving the use of bizarre techniques to market your product. The conventional ways are way out of the market. There is a need for a new view of campaigning. With the above shared digital marketing techniques, you can spice up the campaign. Other than being unique, these techniques will immensely boost your customer traffic.