Become a Better Blogger: Powerful Copywriting Tactics

copywriting tactics

Writing could be an overwhelming process. If it is not working, you might feel annoyed and might not want to do it again. We have all gone through writer’s block at some point or the other. But, gradually, we get over it. However, what about writing a strong and powerful copy that resonates with your readers?

How many times have you failed at giving them something they would find valuable? Most often, we are caught up in the rat race of coming up with many copies simultaneously that we end up forgetting the one thing that our readers are looking for: “quality.”

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There is no perfect solution to writing the perfect content. Some of the blogs on the internet are not worth your time, while there are those bloggers who make sure to entertain you with just what you want. So, how do they do it? Is there a secret to writing the perfect blog?

In this article, we will reveal some interesting secrets on how expert bloggers write blogs that drive the crowd.

Let us start with the 4 U’s formula

Where does a blog start? The heading is the first piece of text that grabs the user’s attention. The number of people that read the headlines of a copy is five times the number of people who would stay to read the body. This is where you need to start focusing first. Write a compelling headline that would make them want to stay and to find out more.

Below are the 4U’s that will help you with writing a compelling headline and transform a bland and boring copy into interesting:

U: Useful: Well, we know that this is the core of any content. How do you make it useful? By giving your people exactly what they need. For example, “How to Pass any Exam in a Week” vs. “How to pass exams” – which one are you likely to read? Your choice would be the first title. Now, that is how you decide.

U: Unique: The most important thing to remember is to write a unique headline. Not something that sounds like a title from some other blog.

U: Urgent: Have you seen those CTAs that introduce a need for urgency, such as “Hurry Up, only a few left!” or “Last day of the Sale!”? How do these look? We want to click through and find out more about these offers.

U: Ultra-specific: Some bloggers write headlines that are ultra-specific and this is something that readers love.

Understand where you went wrong

Every blogger expects their reader to take some action when they write a blog. It could be anything – sharing, tweeting, or pinning your blog. Sometimes, leaving a comment or subscribing would be a great relief when a first-time visitor likes your content.

When a reader doesn’t take any action, what can you do? Many visitors come and go, and no one takes an action. So, that is something you need to take care of – there is something wrong with your content. This means you need to work on creating content that they are looking for.

Focus your writing around AIDA

Just like the U’s that decide if the readers would stay after reading the headlines, there is “AIDA” that you need to implement when writing titles. You need to work on capturing your readers’ attention by writing powerful headlines. Work on generating curiosity in their minds so that they want to read further and find out how they can benefit from the content.

Next is to build interest by writing an interesting story. If there is no scope for storytelling, you can quote an interesting statistic or fact. Work on retaining the momentum.

After reading, they should yearn for more, wait for the next post. And finally, the CTA where you will tell the reader what they are expected to do.

Remember your reader when writing

You know this trick – don’t forget to include “YOU” in every piece you write. And, make sure you know them very well. You need to work on understanding what is it they want.

Know that your audiences are smart. You can impress them, but don’t dumb it down.

Do not forget the search engines

While your focus should be on developing content for humans, do not forget the bigger person here – the search engines. Writing for search engines does not mean stuffing keywords. Make sure you are strategizing your content smartly. This means including the right numbers of keywords in your headlines, title tags, and meta tags.

The headlines should be for search engines and content should be written with readers in mind.

Do not focus too much on promoting your products. But writing value-added content for your readers. Establish credibility and authority in your blogs with social proof.

How about giving a strong reason for people to get excited about your content that will keep them return for more?

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