All You Need To Know About Seattle New Media’s Sharp Spring CRM Software

It’s 2020. Digital marketing is advancing by leaps and bounds. Millions of software are emerging every single day to supplement your marketing efforts and boost your salesBut what’s the one thing that never has and never will change for businesses? The importance of building a solid relationship of trust with the customers. After all, they decide the future of your enterprise! But yes, the whole mechanism of tracking and engaging with customers has shifted from Rolodexes and PCs to SaaS and cloud computing! 

The Internet is ruthless when it comes to competition. People spend a fortune on marketing and CRM. To stay in the game, you have to be smarter than “people”. You don’t just choose a CRM software. You choose the best and snag a smart deal on it!

And that’s what the Sharpspring CRM software will provide you with- smart deals on an unbeatable software! But let’s take a look at why you REALLY need this software!

Reasons why businesses need such software

1. Give your sales a shot in the arm!

A discouraging 30% of salespeople manage to complete the sales quota they target. But, with the advent of Mobile CRM, this number has taken a great plunge! It’s easier for them to spot the better opportunities and prospects who have a greater chance of conversion.

2. Juggle customers with panache

Customer relationship deals with a three-fold job- generate leads, impress prospects, and upsell to customers. And all are EQUALLY important. You can’t afford to ignore any category or you’re messing with your sales funnel!

This kind of efficient software that Sharpspring has come up with helps you with exactly this- managing and juggling leads and customers together with ease.

3. Share progress and reports with colleagues

Marketing and sales literally need a village to pull them off well! But imagine the confusion created if all reports, data, and progress are not shared among all those invested in the marketing funnel?

With this software, you can share templates, patterns, and trends with all your colleagues in a single tap!

Benefits of using CRM software

There are a million reasons you should be using this software (yeah, I might be exaggerating!), but let me give you the top five reasons!

1. Put together a repository of information about customers

It puts all information about the customer and all interaction between company and customer in a single location on the cloud. This way it is accessible across all departments and hierarchy. No matter who is dealing with a particular customer, they will always have a geyser of information at hand to deal with issues and queries. This enhances communication between the customer and the enterprise because there is no scope of disappointment if the point of contact is switched. All employees have exactly the same information about a particular customer.

2. Brings great improvement in customer service

The time you take in addressing customer issues is a big factor that decides the level of customer service you provide. And if you’re taking too much time, you’re probably losing out on a few customers too.

But if you couple a reservatory of purchase and preference of a customer with an experienced rep with lucid communication skills, your job will be done in a jiffy!

3. Automate the mundane data entry tasks

Recording interactions. Scheduling meetings. Logging emails.

Get rid of these mundane tasks with the Sharpspring CRM software. You can focus on what matters most- interacting with the customer. And yet, never miss the follow-up calls and emails!

4. Divide customers into groups and cater specifically

Geographical location. Size of the company. Industry.

There are quite a few ways in which you can segment your customers. And you should. To provide a more personalized interaction for them.

The CRM software divides the customers into chunks depending on the data you put in for filtering. And then you can just plan out the course of action and interaction for each group!

5. Forecast future sales performances

The data accumulation can be a big boost for your predictive analytics team! The more data you have, the easier it is to strategize and build business models based on the previous trends and patterns.

You can pull out swanky metrics like MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and YOY (Year over Year) growth to draw forecasts for your future sales.

And the bonus?

Cherry-pick the activities that have shown the best results for lead generation!

Features on the platform 

We were absolutely smitten with the Sharpspring CRM software when we were first introduced to it! So Seattle New Media decided to partner with them. Since then, we have been providing their CRM software to our customers, who now vouch for Sharpspring too!

But what about this software had us bowled over? Read on to find out!

  • Full Email Automation

Ditch those mass emails.  Gun for personalization. Initiate conversations with those who will buy. You can achieve the killer combo of personalization and automation with this software. 

It tracks leads “after the click”. So you can craft the nature of future emails to that prospect accordingly. Save time, sharpen your marketing strategy!

  • Campaign Tracking

From the first visit to the payment- track how much you spent on pitching to and converting the prospect. Now calculate the real ROI of the whole conversion funnel.

And this is just a teeny-tiny part of what the software has to offer!

  • Behavior-based email

Sending the same email blast to your email list is passe. Read their minds. Feed their needs. Give them content and tantalizing offers they have been looking for!

And how do you do that? With the CRM software, we offer, of course!

Keep an eye on the customer behavior right after they click to open your email. Then you follow them. The pages they visit on your website. The forms they fill out. Webinars they sign up for. And then create the email batches, all customized.

  • Blog Builder

Trust me, you want the WYSIWYG blog builder by Sharpspring!

Why? Because then all you need to do to set up your blog is “ point and click”! And voila, you have a fancy blog without writing a line of HTML code!

  • CRM and Sales Automation

Generate graphs and reports of your performance. Use this to form actionable insights. Then you can use this to beef up the automation strategies for your sales- be it the pipeline or the conversion funnel.

  • Dynamic form builder

Another quirky feature of the software! Though it has built-in templates, you can design your own too! And bring in a few supported form automation tools for your help as well! Automatic calculations, auto-fill fields, conditional sections – all options are built-in!

And guess what? All drag and drop. No code.

  • Reporting and analytics

Your prospects are all on laptops you know? There’s a good chance most of them are visiting your website and engaging with you via handheld devices like phones and tablets. 

But with this software, you can shadow your leads across all devices and even offline, guys! Then you can draw up the real reports and analytics.

Study the pattern. Leverage the information to create smarter business models.

  • Anonymous visitor ID

You know how many people who visit your website care enough to fill out your forms? A measly 2%. Yep, you heard that right! But how do you get to know the other leads to track down? With this software, of course!

It will look up the IP addresses and report to you the companies who have been dropping into your website. And now you know which doors to knock on!

Packages offered by Seattle New Media 

To suit your business model and budget, Seattle New Media has come up with three high-functionality plans, which cater to different businesses.

Package name Starter Professional Powerhouse
Number of Contacts 1500 10,000 20,000
Monthly Rate $575 $850 $1200
Annual deal $4500 $9000 $10,000

Which one do you want to snag?

Case Study 

A few lines above, we had talked about how customer segmentation is a huge help in lead nurturing and upselling. But let us give you a tangible instance of it! Look at the story of Hivetracks.

They made the smart decision of choosing Sharpspring CRM over Hubspot and other top CRM software.

They used the marketing automation feature to perfection for segmenting their customers to smaller batches- with each batch receiving a different set of alluring offers and customized content.

Their goal? Hit the right inbox. Reach the right person.

Their plan?

  • Marketing plans were split into three based on the business of the users- backyard beekeepers, commercial apiaries, and sideliners.
  • Initially, a set of introductory emails are sent over to anyone who signs up. Here they have to choose their type of business.
  • Based on the types of business, three separate landing pages were created. You choose your type and are redirected to the landing page catering to that category.
  • Then the segmented email lists are drawn up and content is served based on their preferences.

Their results?

  • Engagement skyrockets to 40% from a paltry 5%.
  • Conversion rates go up 10x.
  • Customer satisfaction soars.


You need CRM software. Period.

The results may not be immediate but this investment has a massive ROI if you use it well and keep tracking the progress.

Firstly, it’s a big help in providing quality and consistent customer service, irrespective of the salesperson.

Secondly, you get to increase your conversion rates with your personalized content for each segment of subscribers.

And finally, you can map the data accumulated to project the future sales performances and changes in the business model required for your enterprise.


Sharpspring is a rising star in its field, soon to overshadow all their competitors with their revolutionizing CRM kit. And Seattle New Media has been a partner for a while! 

We have been providing clients with Sharpspring solutions and can vouch for the fact that no one’s ever been disappointed with any of their suites. And to think CRM is their best feature! So why wait? Give us a call, ask for a demo, and sign up for the services. Then wait for the magic to unfold!