A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Guide to Email Marketing

How do you keep your audiences informed and engaged about your brand and its offerings? Start building a great email marketing campaign to generate a great ROI, by engaging your potential targets and growing sales.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to a marketing technique, where you use commercial emails to connect with people and sell them your products or services.

With email marketing, you can accomplish your business goals with ease as it helps to drive sales, generate leads, keep customers engaged, and so on.

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  1. Build a list

    To whom are you going to send emails? You need a list of people to whom you can send the emails. Start building that list. Firstly, you can add a banner or form to your website and request people to subscribe.

    What is in it for them? No one would share their personal info, such as an email address unless they are offered something in return. Offer an incentive and gather email addresses. While some businesses give away gifts, others offer a newsletter or updates.

    For instance, Search Engine Journal offers daily news. They also inquire and are open to feedback on how to improve the topics to meet the user’s interest. This feedback helps them to offer value-added content.

    When you are offering an incentive, don’t be shy and do everything that you can to promote it.

    When you are sending out emails, ensure that your emails comply with marketing laws and regulations, including CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Buying an email list is not recommended. Use double opt-in options so that it would give your people a further idea about what they are getting into. If at any time, they want to unsubscribe, include an option for that as well.

  2. Write an effective mail

    With a strong call to action and a consistent follow-up strategy in place, your email marketing will be successful. Make sure you can deliver on your promises. For example, if you made a promise to send daily updates and you fail to deliver, you are upsetting a lot of people. Also, if you keep sending daily updates, when you were supposed to send just one email on a weekly basis, again you are on the road to failure.

    The first introduction email should be stellar. Check out Airbnb’s basic welcome email, explaining their process and services. You can see that most email service providers offer the option to create an automated welcome sequence, which you can edit to your preference or use as it is.

    In your follow-up email, introduce yourself and provide details on how you would keep up with your promise of delivering value-added content to their inboxes.

    Long-winded and detailed is one way to go about it. However, pulling it off quickly and concisely is recommendable as people like it when it is short, simple, and sweet. Make sure your content is engaging, rather than pitching it right away.

    Email newsletter

    Newsletters fall into two categories: a good newsletter and a bad newsletter.

    A bad newsletter is when you send someone a newsletter when they never asked to receive it.

    This could mean one of two things: when a business deviates from a regular email routine or manually adds a new person to receive their personal email.

    Keep in touch with the people on your list regularly. Try sending an email, at least once a month or once a week, if possible so that everyone remembers you.

    Compile some interesting updates and personalized messages when you are putting up your newsletter. You can include a list of product updates or images, along with a personal message.

    Make email automation a part of your routine.

    With email automation, you can schedule in advance for your emails to be sent out, according to your preference. When you have scheduled a set of emails to be sent out in advance, there would be no lapse in communication.

  3. Analyze your email marketing campaigns

    Use segmentation and analysis to fine-tune your broadcasts and deliver on your promise.

    You can check with your email service provider to find out if they are offering complimentary analytics (most of them do). Some of the most important parameters include:

    Open rate: the number of people who opened the emails (low open rate indicates a lot of unengaged subscribers)

    Click-through rate: the number of people who clicked through a link in your email (lower CTR indicates uninterest)

    Unsubscribes: the number of people clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the end of your email (higher unsubscribes doesn’t look good as it indicates you are failing at adding value and writing great copies

    Once you have the results of email analytics, you can work to improve based on which areas need more improvement and increase engagement.

    Segmenting your email marketing list

    Email segmentation helps to split your email list into different groups. How do you segment your list into more targeted groups?

    • Demographics (age, gender, profession, geography)
    • Interests (based on different subjects that excite them)
    • Customer list
    • Newsletter subscribers

Below are the essential elements of any email marketing campaign:

  1. List

    As we discussed earlier, everything starts with a list. The list comprises a database of email contacts, who you think would be interested or might have expressed their interest in receiving communications relating to your brand.

    The easiest way to build a list is to create a lead magnet also known as an offer, such as a coupon, that your potential prospect might be interested in. Do not give it for free; request their email addresses in return for the favor.

  2. An email service provider

    An email service provider or email marketing platform is software for managing the email list. Besides managing the email list, you can use an ESP for designing and executing email marketing campaigns.

Closing thoughts

One question that bugs most email marketers is when they should send out the emails. There is no ideal time. However, you can do some experimentation yourself and find out what time works best for your potential audiences.

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