A/B Testing: Is it Worth it for Small Businesses?

A-B Testing Is it worth it for small businesses

One of the best ways to examine your online marketing strategies is by implementing A/B testing. Using A/B testing to compare the strategies will help you understand what works best and what needs to be reconsidered. Wikipedia coins A/B testing as a randomized experiment involving two variants: A and B, acting as the controls and variations in a controlled environment.

Besides marketing strategies, A/B testing or split testing can be used to compare different versions of web pages.

Some marketers implement A/B testing as part of their small business SEO strategies to ensure their moving in the right direction. However, the testing might be a failure in some cases.

In this article, we will take you through some of the major challenges concerning A/B testing:

  1. A never-ending loop of comparisons

    If you have just started using A/B testing, soon you will realize that your test subject is moving through an infinite loop (endless loop) of results. Every time you conduct the test, one test will surpass the others. This will urge you to perform the A/B test again, which will result in a variation from the previous result, where a new test will outperform the rest.

    A/B testing can go on and on and on …. Such a process is time-consuming and involves a lot of manual effort, which you can set aside for other important tasks, particularly if you are a small business.

    Once you start performing A/B tests, you will find it to be a tiresome process, draining away all your energy. You will want to rush through this monotonous and dull testing process as quickly as possible. People even prefer to take shortcuts to get the tests done, which will undoubtedly be a failure.

  2. Opinions may vary

    If you have several dedicated resources performing the A/B testing, you will have a variety of opinions. Also, each company has formulated a hypothesis of its own, based on which the parameters for testing are set. Each tester will perform the testing from an individual perspective. What works for one might not work for another, which will distort the results.

    When a bias arises, the test results are unreliable as there is no guarantee that all data points have been fairly considered for testing.

  3. Time-consuming process

    You need to perform extensive A/B testing for your web page variations or marketing strategies for accurate and reliable results. Such comprehensive testing will take longer than expected (at least four weeks). For example, if you are testing the online traffic to a web page, you will have to wait for more than two months before your site drives traffic.

    Imagine spending over two months of your valuable time waiting for traffic while neglecting other tasks that help in ROI generation.

  4. A/B testing needs expertise

    A common misconception is that A/B testing is simple, and it can be done by entering a couple of variables and comparing the results. A/B testing is huge and needs a higher level of expertise or a set of professional hands. If you are proficient in statistics and have a great knowledge of false positives, binomial distributions, the null hypothesis, two-tail tests, p-values, and so on, you can do A/B testing.

If the testing is performed by someone who is lacking in statistical knowledge, it can do more damage to the results than with no testing at all.

So should you be testing at all?

Yes, you should be testing. But you can use not only A/B testing but also other strategies for your small businesses.

However, we have learned that A/B testing is time-consuming and manually challenging, so we can focus our time on something like emotional testing, behavioral testing, and marketing.

A testing strategy that involves emotional testing revolves around strategy and concepts, not just the elements. The concept is that consumers’ decision-making is inspired by emotions and the connection they develop with the thing.

So, you need to research your customers well before you can understand the factors that trigger their emotions, ultimately leading them to choose one product or offering among others.

You can also choose user testing to get a clearer view of the connection between elements on a website. Check with your user to understand what feature of your site attracts them, and where they experienced pain and what needs to be fixed immediately.

Your user will help you understand the feature they loved or what made them rethink their purchase decision. If the results don’t look good, you know you need to be moving in a different direction for growth and success.

You can use Google Analytics to analyze and track the traffic to your website. In addition, you can also get a better look at the factors that inspire people. You can bear these factors in mind while strategizing your digital marketing campaigns to get the desired results.

There are a number of marketing firms in Seattle that are using A/B testing for their campaigns. However, if you do not have the time and resources, it is better to move in a different direction.

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