5 Reasons Why You Need A Marketing Automation Agency

Marketing automation is a software used by marketing departments to schedule and track marketing campaigns. Basically, it is a platform that streamlines, measures, and automates marketing tasks and workflows such as email automation, social media, and other website operations.

In today’s digital world, marketing automation has become a basic building block of productivity and proficiency. Both these factories are very vital for persistent success. The foremost reason for adopting a marketing automation tool is to reduce human error and save time.

In general, it is a segment of customer relationship management or CRM, and is used by marketers as a way to remove repetitive tasks from staff workflows as well as to boost customer loyalty.

Whatever the current status of your business, all it takes to boost its growth further is through setting your marketing campaigns. Small businesses from any industry benefit the most from investing in marketing automation.

Marketing automation ensures that the marketing processes are carried out efficiently without any problem. Hence, for every business marketing automation is a must-have.

At Seattle New Media, we have a team of experts that can help you greatly in developing a better understanding of marketing automation and customer relationship management or CRM.

Now, let us talk about some reasons why you need a marketing agency for your business:

1. Improved email performance:

Marketing automation enables businesses to create segmented email lists. The software gives the ability to segment prospective clients into appropriate mailing lists based on past interactions with your company or their interests and preferences.

Your business may already be using some email software that enables you to send one email to all the subscribers but making use of email automation software is even more efficient. Marketing automation allows you to do email marketing more effectively. And, eventually, email marketing has always been one of the most important marketing channels for business in every industry. Through email automation, you can easily design an email campaign and automatically send triggered emails at the time a person is most interested in your product or service. Marketers use marketing automation to maximize both sales and engagement through the right email automation.

2. Saves time and increase efficiency:

A marketing automation agency can help you to save a ton of time. With the help of it, many companies have changed the way they interact with their expected and current customers.

Communication with hundreds or even thousands of people is made relatively easy and cost-free to manage with marketing automation. For example, with email marketing, you can strategize, create content, and craft campaigns. Whenever visitors opt into the campaign by entering their email address on a certain part of your site, they’ll automatically be added to your list and receive your pre-determined emails. This helps you to save time. With software like CRM, CMS, and email automation you can save time and manage the workforce and eventually increase your team’s efficiency.

3. Maximize ROI:

A marketing automation agency can help you save time as well as maximize your ROI. Marketing automation with customer relationship management or CRM can make all your sales and marketing related activities available at one centralized place.

Companies who take the help of a marketing automation agency experience more success and high conversion rates than those who do not. Higher conversion rates signify more customers for your business which means an increase in the overall revenue. With the help of the agency, you won’t have to wait to see the results of automation as companies who take the help of a marketing automation agency saw an increase in ROI in one year. You can maximize ROI without having to increase your output of work by automating your lead nurturing activities.

4. Improve customer retention and relationships:

By understanding your target market with help of the detailed analytics supplied by your marketing automation agency, you will be capable of crafting content that improves your customer retention rate.

The software helps you to have an insight into the customer’s intent, allowing you to predict their needs and desires. If you are well aware of your customers’ needs and send them relevant information, chances are there for you to increase your credibility and brand trust, which will help you to retain those customers. If you really want to retain customers then you can contact us for customer relationship management services at Seattle New Media.

5. Lead management:

When visitors are converted into leads, lead generation begins. It is done in a way when a person visits your website, through marketing automation, you can capture their email addresses. Marketing automation provides each of your leads with relevant content both on your site and in their inbox, this engages the visitors. Considering that each conversion moves your leads closer to becoming customers, makes getting help from a marketing automation agency crucial in itself.