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What is the advantage of an Advanced Contact Form?

What is the advantage of an Advanced Contact Form?

At least 4 things we can provide for your business in an 
Advanced Contact Form that most other website development 
companies do not.

At Seattle New Media we can provide a default website installation, where our Content Management System (CMS) by default is already configured to provide a contact form that goes far beyond what most other companies provide.

What can our Contact Form installation do that other’s do not?

Most other site contact forms that other website development companies provide *only* provide the first 2 below, and not all the other features.

  1. STANDARD – All of the standard (name, email, and other details) are recorded
  2. STANDARD – A copy of this contact is sent to the user and the owner of the site
  3. User’s IP Address is recorded. This is very important in that you can tell some details about who/where this user is.
  4. If the contact form is placed on more than just a “Contact Us” page, as on the bottom of most of our site pages, then the page the form is filled out at can be recorded as the referring page. This is very important in that you can then tell exactly what page provided interest enough for the user to actually contact you. You can then alter your site to have more pages like that one or alter your site in other ways to make more relevant for users.
  5. We can also custom build other values that you may wish to capture, where as with most website development contact forms there is not the ability to capture user details. One example of something that could be added is capturing the user’s Web browser and OS details.
  6. There is a record of all of the above kept on the server, where the site owner can access all records of contacts from the past. This is very important in that you can at any time access old contacts. Every 6 months or other time period you can go through these contacts and see if there is anyone you wish to reach back out to. You can see also in these pages all of the details from the above in a list format that links to individual page records for each contact.



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